Our Business

Our Business


At High Street Capital, our executive management team brings a wealth of hands-on experience gained from successfully operating businesses across diverse sectors for many years. Our expertise spans various domains, including:

  • Contracting: Specializing in process engineering and road surfacing.
  • Manufacturing: Achieving excellence in cosmetics, detergents, and a range of engineering products.
  • Distribution: Proficient in direct selling and marketing of agency-related products.
  • Media: A primary focus on the film and related service industries.
  • Education: Navigating the digital space with precision.
  • Business Transactions: Proficiency in acquisitions, mergers, and business sales.
  • Financial Management: Including recapitalizations, cost optimization, and leveraging.
  • General Management: Encompassing human resources, marketing, and sales.

Our proactive approach involves identifying businesses facing short-term challenges and actively collaborating with their management teams in a hands-on, day-to-day capacity. A critical aspect of this process is often the identification and development of succession management to facilitate the seamless transfer of responsibility back to existing management.

High Street Capital offers experienced, hands-on executive management input to medium-sized companies, whether to drive a turnaround or support a growth initiative. Our fee structure is determined through competitive negotiations, with a key component being the opportunity for partners to participate in the realized upside, aligning our interests with your success.


Our focus lies in acquiring equity stakes in smaller companies that exhibit significant growth potential. These companies may fall into two categories: emerging ventures with substantial growth prospects or established firms poised for transformative expansion.

Our involvement at High Street Capital typically takes the form of capital infusion and strategic management support, with the possibility of fee waivers, particularly for smaller companies.

We actively seek out companies with ambitious leadership and strong strategic positioning. Our preference is to invest in sectors where we possess valuable experience, extensive contacts, and deep sector knowledge.

In essence, High Street Capital identifies investment opportunities among smaller companies led by enthusiastic management teams and primed for robust growth. To facilitate our involvement, we often opt to acquire an equity stake in exchange for our expertise and resources, especially in cases where these companies may not have the capacity to support traditional fees.


High Street Capital’s investment approach is twofold. We not only invest in high-quality companies that are already well-managed and thriving but also actively engage in companies where our strategic input can make a substantial difference.

Our sector preferences are influenced by our extensive prior experience, with a particular emphasis on industries characterized by strong growth potential, robust cash flows, and exceptional management teams.

In essence, High Street Capital identifies and invests in high-quality growth companies led by strong management. Whether a company requires executive intervention or is already on a successful trajectory, our role remains consistent: to provide both capital and strategic guidance to further enhance their growth and success.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Company Interventions

Companies are typically in the R100m – R500m turnover bracket but this can vary on both ends depending on the specifics of the intervention.


Companies that fall into this space generally have less than  R75m in annual turnover.  The decision to invest will be dictated by growth prospects and the  enthusiasm and competence of management.


Here we look for the following:

  • Annual turnover of R100 million to R500 million

  • Predictable, strong cash-flows

  • Assets or secure long-term contracts for leverage

  • Clear plans (or opportunities), to achieve significant market-share growth

  • Knowledgeable, committed management with a proven track record of achieving budgets